KTP: The Best Graduate Scheme You’ve Never Heard Of?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Higher Education is full of acronyms. WP* TEF* OFFA* APL* CIHE*. We could go on. It’s not always helpful, and may even mean you overlook opportunities because you haven’t a clue what they are.

Take KTP. It hardly shouts “amazing graduate job” does it? Yet it probably numbers as one of the best graduate opportunities out there. 

KTP stands for Knowledge Transfer Partnership. Innovate UK describe Knowledge Transfer Partnerships  as a UK-wide programme that helps businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of the knowledge, technology and skills that reside within the UK Knowledge Base.

In layman’s terms, this usually means that a business works in partnership with a university via a paid graduate associate (you), supervised by an academic. It’s a sort of hybrid between a big graduate scheme and postgraduate study.

You’ll get to apply your degree, start a job with a good salary and generous training budget, gain a professional qualification and lead a project under the supervision of the knowledge base partner (the university). Projects usually last between two to three years, and around 70% of Associates go on to permanent employment with their host. We think this puts KTPs on a par with the very best big-name graduate schemes.

Around 350 opportunities are created each year. We’re currently advertising 2 KTP roles supported by Plymouth University:


Would suit an  enthusiastic Life, Biomedical or Pharmaceutical Scientist looking for a challenging opportunity to develop 100% organic and natural innovative skin care products for an award winning  company .


Would suit an  enthusiastic engineer or materials scientist with a background in composites who wants to develop innovative and environmentally friendly commercial solutions for the composite industry.


More KTP roles are advertised at the Innovate UK Website.

What are you waiting for? 


* WP - Widening Participation;  TEF - Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework; OFFA - Office for Fair Access; APL- Accreditation of Prior Learning;  CIHE - Council for Industry and Higher Education.


Charlotte Weston

Charlotte is a graduate with many years’ experience in both large and small organisations. She now works as a consultant to a range of SMEs across the south west and is a Non-Executive Director of Gradsouthwest.