What do graduates do?

Friday, October 23, 2015
This week saw the launch of the 2015 report “What do graduates do?”.  The report showed positive trends in graduate employment with increasing demand for graduates leading to improved employment prospects for the 2013-14 graduating cohort.  The headline findings were:
  • more graduates found work than ever before – 76.6% of graduates were working or combining work and study;
  • more of that work was professional level – 68.2% were in professional level employment; and
  • unemployment rates were down to pre-recession levels – down to 6.3%. 

This improvement in the graduate job market is clearly very welcome, and the evidence all points towards the jobs market for graduates being well on the road to recovery.

Average salaries of graduates employed full-time in the UK was £20,637, with finance managers and senior professionals, officers in the Armed Forces, engineers, health professionals (which includes dentists, doctors and pharmacists), pilots, health service managers and production managers all averaging over £25,000.

199,810 UK-domiciled graduates from 2013/14 were in work in the UK six months after graduation, the largest number on record.

What do graduates do? presents findings from the Higher Education Statistics Agency’s Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey (DLHE) for 2013-14 graduates. It looks at first degree graduate destinations six months after graduation. The publication is produced by Prospects and AGCAS on behalf of HECSU.

The full report can be found here.


Dr Deborah Watson

Director, Gradsouthwest Ltd.