Which Sectors are Least Impacted by COVID-19?

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The impact of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is apparent across the globe. The climbing infection rates, and the death toll has meant the impact has been felt by all of us, and it has also been very apparent in the economy. Industries that are dependent on people visiting their establishments, such as the hospitality industry, have of course been negatively impacted. 

As we start to return to some form of normality, it is important to look at the economy and how different sectors have been impacted by the pandemic. Graduates looking to enter the workforce are feeling disheartened by the reduction of jobs out there, but there are sectors who are still hiring and have actually seen a demand for more staff from COVID-19. If you find you are struggling to find employment as a graduate, it could be worth looking into these specific sectors where employment rates are increasing, as opposed to those that are being negatively affected by this. 

Industries Most Likely to Hire During COVID-19 


All components of healthcare, from supplying all the way to frontline medical work, are busier than ever. The government is having to increase resources and money given to the healthcare industry, with a focus on pharmaceuticals, PPE kits, testing kits, and hospitals, this has been one of the obvious sectors to not suffer any major setbacks. From now it appears that there will be an increased focus on being prepared and improving our automatic responses to situations like this. 

Jim Bellicoso from Skills Alliance, a Life Sciences recruitment specialist, states “Regardless of how the global economy goes up and down, the one constant is that people will always need healthcare and healthcare organisations will always need pharmaceutical and medical device companies to develop solutions”. 


Technology companies and online services have been stable throughout the pandemic, even seeing an increase in customers due to the restrictions on being able to leave the house. Streaming services have seen an increase in customers, as our typical entertainment shut down and people had to look for another at-home entertainment. Similarly, as people turned to technology as the only form of communication with loved ones, more people have had to purchase smart devices such as phones and tablets that have appropriate video call options. 

As well as technology for entertainment, a lot of people have had to invest in their businesses to adapt to working at home. An increase in demand means an increase in employment, allowing for more jobs within the relevant industries. 

Delivery Services 

With non-essential shops being closed and supermarkets having restrictions, more people have been turning to shop online. With online shopping comes the need to use delivery services, as most companies don’t have their own as Amazon does. This has meant an increase in demand for delivery drivers, and people working in warehouses. 

Jobs don’t stop here though. As these companies have an increase in income from online shopping, it allows them to hire in their head offices. This can be in a range of roles, for example, as companies are still competing with others, they may increase their marketing department for more assistance in doing all they can to become the market leaders. 

Finding A Job During COVID-19 

There is no hiding the fact that the economy has been hit by COVID-19, and because of this there is a reduction in employment. In some cases, companies have had to make people redundant because of the decrease in both work and money coming in. Although it may feel like all hope is lost for recent graduates, there are still sectors out there looking to employ people, you just need to look in the right place. Take the information from this blog and use it.

Hakim Driouche
Global Marketing Manager
Skills Alliance

Hakim Driouche - Global Marketing Manager at Skills Alliance