Recruiting IT or Engineering Graduates? Salary Matters!

Posted on Friday, August 3, 2018 by Gradsouthwest TeamNo comments

IT and engineering graduates are in demand. Big demand. So as a recruiter, you need to work extra hard to attract them to your business.

Various studies put their average graduate starting salaries between £20 - £35K  so a salary of anything less is going to make recruitment difficult - even if you're a big well known brand. For all other positions, we advise recruiters to sell their offer with training and other perks but for IT and Engineering, salary trumps all. So, take a look at other adverts and match or increase your offer. You can always start low and up the salary mid campaign if you need to - at Gradsouthwest, we understand the dilemma and are always happy to revise your advert and report on its performance. Contact us to find out more...

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