Recruiter News - February 2024

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In this issue: Love where you live and work? | Did you know? | Recruiting Graduates? | Free 'Paid Advertising' online workshop South West Innovation Expo 2024 | Going Green | Create Your Recruitment Timetable - it's not too late | Recruit Now

Love where you live and work?

All the evidence from destination data over many years points to students who have a connection with the region - they grew up and/or studied here - are the ones most likely to want to work here. They love where they live and want to work here too.

Make sure you tap into this pool of new recruits next year byadvertising your roles with us. We actively seek out students from SW Universities to register with us - as they are the most likely to want to work in the region.


Did you know?

> Just under a third of all graduates work in the public sector, making up more than half of the total public sector workforce.

>The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revised the UK unemployment rate down to 3.9% for the three months to November, lower than the previous estimate of 4.2%.

>The majority of British businesses, especially smaller companies, are facing challenges in filling job vacancies, according to a survey by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation. Around 70% of employers reported a shortage of candidates, with the problem being more severe outside of London.

Target your job advertising budget on students and graduates that want to work in south west England
Free 'Paid Advertising' online workshop

Free 'Paid Advertising' online workshop

21 February 2024

Master the art of attracting new customers through effective social media and search engine advertising. Open only to SMEs in Devon and Somerset (excluding BaNES).

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South West Innovation Expo 2024

The South West Innovation Expo returns on 5 March 2024 at Sandy Park, Exeter.

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Going Green

Going Green

Following the launch of the University of Exeter's Green Future Solutions Hub offering to help organisations in the race to net zero, make smarter use of natural resources and seize opportunities for green growth - comes another exciting offer from a regional university - this time the University of Plymouth, which is inviting applications to its Net-Zero Solutions Fund which aims to support enterprises and researchers to work together to tackle net-zero challenges and exploit net-zero opportunities.

Create Your Recruitment Timetable

Create Your Recruitment Timetable - it's not too late

If you are thinking of recruiting summer 2024 graduates you need to add this to your jobs list now!

Creating a recruitment timetable will depend on the specific needs and processes of your organisation. This timetable assumes a typical recruitment process.

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