Regional Graduate Loyalty Shines Through

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If you want to recruit graduate talent the best place to look is local. You are most likely to recruit a graduate who already has a connection with the region: either having previously grown-up here or having studied here; or probably both.

It is clear from the latest regional Longitudinal Educational Outcome (LEO) statistics that students from the south west love the region and many stay to work here. Five years after graduation the data show that many providers see most of their graduates still working in the same region.

Do south west students really stay to work in the region? Yes, they do! About 2 in 3 stay. Of all south west based institutions, those studying at the University of Bristol are least likely to still be working in the region – but even so over 20% still are 5 years after graduation. For some institutions 100% of those tracked were still in the area.

Here’s the breakdown by HEI from LEO via WonkHE


Gradsouthwest actively works with these HEIs to source our database of graduate job seekers – so when you advertise with us you immediately target your recruitment budget at those most likely to want to work in the region.

There are also a few notable providers not based in the south west that provide a good number of graduates to the region – these include: Cardiff, Cardiff Met; Southampton, Southampton Solent and Oxford Brookes. That is why Gradsouthwest also target those institutions to support their graduates into work in the south west – helping our employers fill their skills gaps by not only retaining but attracting graduates to the south west.

If you are looking to fill you job vacancies and a recent graduate would suit your needs Post A Job with us now to capture the attention of this year’s graduating cohort.




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