STEM Graduates into Business

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STEM Graduates into Business: Let’s plan for the future 

The University of Plymouth’s STEM Graduates into Business project is here to help make 2021 more positive for your business. 

With incentive payments of up to £3,600, small and medium-sized businesses in Devon can get financial and recruitment support to hire a STEM graduate. Providing flexibility to businesses, funding for three, six, nine and 12 month internships are available, making it the perfect way to fill skills gaps and grow your team. 

STEM Graduates into Business can help you to find graduates in a number of different roles including: 3D printing, web design, CAD, AI, AR and new media, along with traditional STEM occupations. Graduates can work remotely if needed and provide that extra work power for your business. 

“We are so glad we made the decision to work with the STEM Graduates into Business team to achieve such a positive outcome for our business, even during a pandemic.” Victoria Davies, HR Manager, Vualto

Funding is only available for a limited time only. Sign-up here or email for further information.

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