Talent Attraction and Retention in Tech

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Tech is growing – we all know it from our daily lives.

This means demand for tech talent is rocketing. There are skills shortages across the tech board, and recruitment and retention is becoming even more critical for business growth.

Here we add our top tips to supplement the findings of the 2022 report from ISL Talent:

  • Understanding how the talent market has shifted is key to attraction and retention – you can’t just do what you always do and expect success
  • Hybrid working is a must – it is just accepted now that this is on offer in tech
  • Flexibility is essential – work-life balance is key
  • Employer values are hugely important – make sure you have a story to tell
  • Salaries are rising across the board, but especially in engineering and tech
  • Employers need to spot potential and train – take apprentices, offer paid internships, upskill recent graduates – you can’t expect to recruit the perfectly trained person
  • It’s a candidates market – they get to choose from multiple job offers. 
  • Careers are important – make sure you retain people by creating progression routes – help your employees see their future with you
  • What makes you stand out? Give it some thought so you can sell your job, your company and attract the talent you need

Here at Gradsouthwest we are always happy to help employers reach graduates – and in such a tough market – if you don’t recruit first time around we extend your advert for free.

For more information the full report can be found here:


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