UUK's Report: Busting graduate job myths

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    If you've not seen it already, do take a look at Universities UK's new report into Graduate Jobs. The report finds that there are currently:

    • One million more professional jobs than workers with degrees in the UK to fill them.
    • Double the number of UK employees are underqualified than overqualified.
    • The number of graduate vacancies is 20% higher than in 2019 before the Covid-19 pandemic, with job vacancies for graduates expected to increase by 22% in 2022 compared to 2021. 
    • The number of UK workers in professional level employment rose while those in other roles fell during the Covid-19 pandemic, and graduates were also less likely to be furloughed or in non-graduate jobs.
    • Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to increase graduate demand further with healthcare, IT and marketing expected to see particularly steep rises.
    The report tackles four main myths about the graduate job market:
    • Myth 1: ‘Everyone goes to university nowadays’
    • Myth 2: ‘There aren’t enough graduate jobs’
    • Myth 3: ‘Some degrees have little value to employers’
    • Myth 4: ‘All the best graduate jobs are in London’

    Employer demand for UK graduates is significant - it has increased year-on-year and is likely to grow in the future as the country has a skills shortage.

    If you are interested in the full report from UUK click here.

    It is clear to us that graduates will remain in huge demand as employers look to both fill skills gaps, and grow their businesses. Employers with vacancies in the south west also need to look at south west-based students as they are the most likely to work in the region on graduation - and your best route to them is obviously through Gradsouthwest :-)

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