What is a Graduate Job? A Guide for Employers to Fill Vacancies

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In a tight labour market, employers are struggling to fill vacancies with readily available employees. However, any job that a graduate can do is a graduate job, making hiring recent graduates an attractive option.

Skills and Qualities: Graduates bring critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills to the table, making them valuable assets for any industry.

Salary Expectations: Recent graduates entering the labour market expect a salary in the range of £20-30k, making them a cost-effective solution for roles in that pay band.

Job Advertising: To tap into the graduate labour pool, employers can advertise their roles on Gradsouthwest.com, a job board that specifically targets graduates.

By widening the net of where they are recruiting from and considering recent graduates for open roles, employers can fill vacancies and benefit from the unique skills and qualities that graduates bring to the workforce.


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