Recruiter News - May 2023

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In this issue: Don't miss out... |Summer Recruitment Fairs hugely successful Graduate Salary Expectations |Developing a digital marketing strategy that delivers ROI - 14th June| Are you cyber aware? |Social Mobility in the Workplace Recruit with Gradsouthwest

Don't miss out...

Exam season is well and truly upon us, but once the exams are over, job hunting starts in earnest for those that haven't yet secured their post-Uni role.

If you are looking for a graduate, or looking to finally eliminate your hard-to-fill roles that pay in the £20-30k region, then do not delay -advertise straight away!

Summer Recruitment Fairs hugely successful

📣 We had two extremely busy Fairs at Bath and Exeter Universities in the last few weeks.

We have a whole bunch of new candidates registered and actively looking for jobs.

Graduate Salary Expectations

Graduate Salary Expectations

We thought we'd share with you an interesting article from Startups.

Here are the headlines:

- Employers are offering just over £5,000 less than what graduates expect from a base salary.

- Rising cost of living makes starting salaries unaffordable for graduate workers, but Generation Z's wage expectations are in line with the current inflation rate, reflecting their changing expectations in the face of the cost of living crisis.

- Worries about money negatively affect the mental health of 58% of students, indicating the impact of the cost of living crisis on graduates.

-Small businesses can attract and train new talent without exhausting budgets by providing transparent salary information, investing in learning and development opportunities, and recognizing the economic challenges faced by graduates.

To read the full article click here.

Summer of Innovation

Developing a digital marketing strategy that delivers ROI - 14th June

This free online event will provide practical guidance on how to develop and implement a cohesive digital marketing strategy, and will outline some of the support tools available.

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Are you cyber aware?

Join the SW Cyber Resilience Centre community of businesses, charities and education providers who want free help with building cyber resilience.

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Social Mobility in the Workplace

The South West Business Council has announced their next conference, taking place on 3 July in Exeter from 8.30am - 1pm.

The theme of the conference is ’Social Mobility in the Workplace: Tapping into Talent and Building the Work’.

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