#5 Things Graduate Recruiters Need to Know in 2020

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We cut through the headlines, research papers and labour market reports to summarise what you need to know about recruiting graduates in 2020. 

#1 New research reveals that in the south west, 65% of graduates work where they studied.

It's no longer true that graduates leave to develop their careers in London so targeting your recruitment campaign at the local pool of talent makes sense. Gradsouthwest.com and your local university careers service are good starting points. 

#2 Skills shortages are pushing salaries up especially in tech and engineering.

Advertising at a lower salary than your competitors is unlikely to yield candidates. We see it time and time again. 

#3 Numerous schemes exist to help you recruit graduates

Eligible businesses can get funding for a  recruitment advert or support for the process plus direct campus access to students and graduates. Try the GradTalent Development Agency, STEM Graduates into Business or Graduate Business Partnerships for starters.

#4 Graduates are savvy and want more than just a job.

To attract candidates you need to be explicit about the salary on offer and clear about the benefits of working for you.

#5 Students who are graduating in 2020 are starting to look for work now

Now's a great time to advertise your role and catch the graduate talent before they gear up for final exams. 


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